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Entering The Fish Tank Hobby

Setting up fish tanks can be a very interesting and relaxing hobby. They will add serenity and beauty to any home and, if you have children, they are very educational as well. There are a few things to consider before purchasing your tanks and fish, however, if it to be a successful venture.

First of all, you should plan out where you will be placing the tanks. Even small fish fish tanks hold a tremendous amount of water and if damaged or knocked over can cause a devastating mess ruining furniture, carpet and floors among other things. Putting them on a stand or table in a fairly secluded place near your water supply is the best.

As for filling the fish tanks, bottled water is recommended and it needs to sit for twenty-four to forty-eight hours undisturbed before adding the fish. This will insure that the fish tank is settled, including any gravel, greenery, or objects that have been place in the tank as well as giving the water a chance to gain the proper temperature. All fish tanks should include a light, heater, and a pump to operate filters that will improve water circulation.

When purchasing the fish for your tank, consider the types of fish you would like carefully. Most fish are compatible with one another but there are certain types that will not mix with the rest. Also, there are some fish that are very sensitive to everyday household activity and will die easily if excited. For the most part, choosing your pets is a great experience.

There are some really colorful and pretty fish to choose from and you will find it hard to decide on just which ones you want. It is highly recommended that you also purchase a few snails and some algae eating fish as well to help maintain your fish fish tanks.

Fish food is inexpensive and with a good brand your fish will be very healthy and content. Remember to try not to overfeed as this can be fatal to your pets. Generally, fish only need to be fed once a day and you should only put enough food for the fish to immediately consume. There are many varieties of fish food on the market today and most are very adequate. Choose the fish food that will most likely be a benefit to all of your fish.

Taking care of your tank, once it is set up, is relatively easy. Cleaning the water consists of taking out about fifteen to twenty percent of the water weekly and watching Algae buildup. Algae can be scraped routinely with a scraper that you can purchase and any fish supply store online.

Jack Rackham is an avid aquarist and decor expert. He owns several fish fish tanks and has experimented with fish food for many years.